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Fuel for Thought


By Greg Huggins
Posted May 30th 2020 7:34PM

There are a lot of people using a new phrase. One that is getting some traction. I first heard it weeks ago and since then, I seem to hear it more and more each day. 

New words and phrases enter our language all the time, some are only a passing fad, while others remain for years. So when I first heard it, I figured it would also pass like so many others, but it seems to be gaining in popularity.

I’m talking about the phrase “the new normal”. You may have heard it, heck you may have even started using it in everyday conversations. More and more people are using this term to describe how we are currently living in America. It refers to social distancing, masks or face coverings, how we interact with one another, how we interact with businesses either as customers or in our employment or the procedures we have been (and still are) following just to interact with people or in commerce, i.e. health questions, temperatures taken, masks, location history. 

Some people understand that if you repeat something enough times, other people will begin to accept it as fact, whether it is a fact or not, or if repeated enough it will become”normal”. 

I am here to say that we are currently living in ABNORMAL times. This is not our new normal and this will be the last time you see that phrase in this writing.

It is true that we are experiencing unprecedented events in America as it relates to the COVID-19 scarewareness. That’s right, I said it...scarewareness. Maybe if I repeat that enough, it will have the same effect as the above mentioned phrase.

Scarewareness - When you are aware of a scare that has not lived up to the hype, but you remain scared anyway and you happily follow unproven protocols to protect yourself, while at the same time shunning, ridiculing and badgering those who don’t “follow the rules” as you see them.

The things we are currently having to endure just to go into public places is ridiculous. It is ABNORMAL.

Wearing a mask is 


Wearing a face covering is


Being forced to wear a mask in public is


Driving ALONE or with Your FAMILY, in Your car and wearing a mask is


Suspecting everyone else of not only having the Coronavirus, but that they are going to give it to you is


While this behavior is new, it is not normal. It is however,


If you ever want this insanity to end, stop using this new term and call it what it really is,


See you down the road (I’ll be the just normal one, nothing new),