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    Would real expediters?

    I think the one thing most are missing from this is.... A GPS is a tool just like a hammer or any other tool... And if you have no idea of how to use this tool. All your going to do is end up hitting your thumb and cussing alot.. So how about a class in common sense... I'm pretty sure that would...
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    Thread chatter, ‘The Magnificent Seven’

    It does seem to me a few in here have the biggest keyboard it seems
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    Bad O/O and Bad Drivers

    So you really think that fleet owners don't get on here... If someone called them a bad owner and was bashing them for whatever reason... Then you could have The Paul Harvey Rest of the story to make it all fair
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    Naming Bad Fleet Owners

    So if i getting this right what EQ is trying to do is stop the new guy who just got the short end of the stick... From posting said owner is a deadbeat.. But if you have 1 or 14000 post it might be ok... I think i'm seeing the forest again
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    Naming Bad Fleet Owners

    I guess the thing i don't get is this it's ok for Bill to say Panther but if i were to say John Smith its some how more wrong... I'm i not seeing the forest because of the trees???
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    Naming Bad Fleet Owners

    Now maybe this post is going out to left field alittle.... But what's the difference between someone bashing an owner for whatever reason... Any different than the countless post asking how good or bad company XYorZ is.... People get on here and bash certain companies for various reasons... But...
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    Naming Bad Fleet Owners

    So let me ask this.... Has any of you who own there trucks... Ever not been paid by your company..For what ever reason the load didn't pay they didn't pay a bonus or deadhead.. Did you let it go because you just didn't need the money.. Or did you call and ask where is my money and why didn't it...
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    Naming Bad Fleet Owners

    Why wouldn't want to call a spade a spade.... And if it would get rid of some these dead beat owners and drivers... Then in the long all your doing is making things better for everyone..
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    Naming Bad Fleet Owners

    If this was any other sight other than EQ would we even have have this post. I think that anyone should have the right the say what he/she thinks... Too many people are so gun shy to tell it like it is.. Because everyone has became so sue happy... And too worried about what someone else might...
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    Good versus bad

    See here is the thing the guy that i work for now is just a man of his word.. And i am a man of my word.. He does what he says he going to do and do the things he ask me to do... Pretty simple when you think about it.. But so many of these owners and drivers are no longer men or women of there...
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    Good versus bad

    Ok you make some good points... But here is how breaks down in real life... You can come to whatever agreement contract whatever you want to call it... And you think you have all your I's dotted and T's crossed... And you go to work for said owner.. And if they do not want to pay you.. fix there...
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    Diamond Delivery Service

    I have a friend whos been with them for about 5 yrs he told me they always seem to keep him busy when he's out working
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    Good versus bad

    This is a very sore subject with me..All the soap boxers on here keep saying get a contract... The contract is the only thing that will save you from a bad owner... You and I both know its a crock of bull crap.. Because all the owners i know have a contract to befit them not the driver because...
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    New Panther Lease-Purchase Program

    i was doing the math aswell.... And right now i know that solos are getting on avg 1500 miles per week. And when i talked to chris about this he told me it was 1.40 plus .05 if you have a hazmat and he said the fsc was going right now about .28 to .33 cents per mile which unless i'm doing this...
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    Owner playing with my pay

    Now i guess the big question is was there any advances he had taken while he was sitting in those places ??? But if he owned money for the runs he did do... Just seems kinda odd that some owner have a problem remembering when pay day is... But if the carrier did that too him they would be...