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    needing help finding broker

    Yeah. That's the lingo. They think they are dealing "brokers," because they want to work with a bunch without the commitment of accounts receivables and all. Expedite is a small world. They don't want any confines like a lease contact, but then they get mad when their "broker" doesn't live up to...
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    Box for straight truck

    Hey Billy. I agree with the idea of checking into a modification if at all possible. Might just need some new doors at the end. But it's hard to know about the inside width without seeing it. Originally built to be a reefer? Maybe. Must be some thick FRP body. Or did someone add 3/4' plywood to...
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    Truck Ramps / Wheel Risers

    Hey Josh. Shhhhhh......don't be givin' away your secrets.
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    What is required on a 26k

    If running inTRAstate in California, they have a certification process for carriers, much like PUC. Not sure where to obtain the permitting off hand, but I an ask around. I have a friend who runs a CA based carrier. Ever seen that CA# on the side of a truck, along with all the others?
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    Birthday! Jefferson 3000's Birthday

    Wow. Thank you for the great Birthday wishes. I really appreciate them.
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    Smartphone scanning of paperwork

    We've received paperwork from drivers using either Drive-Axle or Camscanner. Both work great. The latter offers more control I feel but the former is better for the less tech savvy. Sent thru cyberspace from my Samsung Galaxy S2
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    E450 Cube van vs Cargo van advice

    We run a couple of DRW cubes that are under 10K GVW and over. They do pretty well. We don't take SRW. Just DRW cubes with a minimum of 144 x 90 floor space. With an E450, you could probably do a tuckaway gate. You'd need to same model gate that go on the Isuzu NPRs, but it can be a money maker.
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    Which Companies do not require a CDL?

    We do not require a CDL for vehicles that do not require a CDL to operate. However, we are NOT accepting vans or sprinters at this time. Six wheeler cubes or straights only.
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    Delayed Payment?

    Carriers pay for advertising space. EO is not posting carriers as "five star" because they endorse them. Some carriers have 21 days after the close of the week. It all comes down to your contract. If you're one of those vans running as an "independent," you probably opted to avoid a contract...
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    Wow! Stuck in Texas for 3 days, gotta refuse loads down here from now on.

    If you're a van running for three different carriers, there is a good chance that all 3 are quoting that load out, which means that you just created a false supply in the industry and shot your own rate out from under yourself.
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    Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands with 29%...

    It was an intriguing day in MO for sure. I saw an AP headline around midnight where the MO state GOP issued an apology for the behavior of the St. Charles GOP officials in shutting down the meeting. The promised that they indeed would reconvene and elect delegates. RLENT, I read that article...
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    Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands with 29%...

    I doubt I was ever entirely a "party guy" for the GOP. To be a "party guy," I would need to champion the whole "anyone but a Democrat" idea. Of Dems have their version of that as well. But at this stage, I fail to see how either party represents the people of America. No, they represent the...
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    Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands with 29%...

    It is hard to know what would've happened otherwise. There have been obvious anomalies in almost every state. Most were against Paul, but also Santorum and Gingrich at times. The interesting thing though, is that the beneficiary of any such abnormality in statistics is always Romney. It is...
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    Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands with 29%...

    Dave, I'll just give an abbreviated version of what I wanted to say, but if you look at Alabama's election results, you will see that Paul got a bit over 30k in the popular vote. However, after voting for a candidate, the ballot asks for you to vote between pairings of individuals running to be...
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    Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands with 29%...

    I'm also open to find out what the issue is with the John Birch Society. Wm. Buckley and others had issues with some comments made by Robert Welch, back in the early sixties. Welch accused Eisenhower of subscribing to many Communist ideals, which if you look at the growth of statism since the...