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  • Cherri,

    Panther should change printers. Although, it looks like most of the errors are in their favor. Maybe the printer is doing what they want.

    Life is okay. I did one run for the other guys this week. It is about what I would have gotten from Panther withoug the cost.
    Still looking for a truck for you. Please keep in touch.
    Hey Cheri
    Was your Maiden Name Quiroz? or Quiros? If it was then I grew up the next street over..Let me know ok?
    Hey Lady whats up. Im finally back on line.So give me a shout when you get the chance.Hope they are running your arse off.
    Heres hopeing you always land sunnyside up and between the lines.
    Just stopping by to see how you are with Ghost..Sure do miss her please take care of yourself out there and use my email since I dont come on this site to often
    [email protected]
    Your a sweethart, I like the way you tell it. "like it is". This post had me rolling on the floor. Thanks for making me smile.

    (Obviously, reading & paying close attention isn't your best talent, cause what I said is "Anyone who says they've never made a dumb mistake is either a liar, or a brand new driver"
    I didn't say it's my best talent, either - but I do try to figure out what was said before blasting someone, at least.)

    OOIDA 743709
    Thanks Cheri! Don't know what was wrong (if anything) with that poor bat.. on a tree on the main street of a crowded downtown (touristy town up north).. right at eye level.. I never would've noticed (well it blended in with the bark, and well, there was SO much other stuff to look at!), but leave it to DH :) He notices everything ;/ (He would make a great witness!)
    Hey Chix
    Got the Ghost over to Anniston AL for you today it is at MInton RV in the shop no problems she is getting a check up I believe the generator is being checked and get this I was told the tv will be working for you kewl huh... I really enjoyed my drive there today from MS take care of her and the sheets are clean and the mattress cover also ... Dont forget to look down and you have floor lights now...
    Enjoy my friend have a safe trip where ever you go.....
    Maybe someday I can go solo and we can meet over the road.. Take care If you are stuck in MS anywhere around Oxford let me know .... Take care tell Jay and Ciindy hi for me.. Patricia
    Hello I would like to ask you a question are you the one that had my truck Ghost .... If you don't know what I mean then never mind and disregard this note. Have a good day...KEEKEEBOO <><
    Thanks for the invite. Good to hear you got out of Salt Lake. Did you have to DH? Where are you taking it?
    Cheri, I love your picture idea for the next Expo. You just full of ....GOOD IDEAS!! :)
    Hi Cheri, My name is Penny. I have been talking with Terry and Rene and am interested in driving with another female to learn the ropes. Terry mentioned you take on people sometimes, would you be interested? You can email me back on a private email and I'll send ya my phone no. Or you can call Terry and he can give it to you. Thanks, Penny
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