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  • Somehow I managed to miss this little conversation box even though I am on here daily. The easiest way to contact us is through our new website But since I get most of the contacts and then route them the right people I will save you the trouble.

    Phone # is 866-259-1919
    my email is [email protected]

    I have sent you an email since I managed to miss your message for so long.
    I have no desire to upset the little deal I have going. I believe my contract says the minimum I will be paid is $1.19 a loaded mile, most loads are well over the minimum and I have at times taken cheaper van loads to get out of an area. Most times these 12 foot loads are onlya pallet or two, most I've had on is 5 pallets. I paid cash for the cube, insurance costs me right at $200 a month. Maintainace costs have been very low.

    I've been in trucking for 37 years and this is about the best deal I've seen in a long time. Loads are paid the next day after delivery. I really don't want to give this info out to the whole world. Chet has worked for me before and he knows what I'm doing. Tell me a little about yourself and I'll decide if I want to share the info. If I do it stays between you and me. I don't need a bunch of drivers screwing up my deal.
    I have a 2003 E350 High Cube Van. It's leased on to a small broker who works all the boards. While it's usually a day or two set between loads he comes up some good ones. We haul loads for all the big companies, FedEx, Panther, Express 1, ect. I have a 14 foot box with about 2 feet taken up for a sleeper, leaving me with 12 ft of cargo space. Most of the loads I haul are booked for a straight truck 12 feet. The equipment fits the bill. I am VERY lucky to have found this deal. I've been making very good money.
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