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  • Hi just wanted to ask what your thoughts were on bolt we have got to change company's express-1 is starving us to death! Did not know if your view had changed last time we spoke you were not to happy . Please drop me a note. Thanks Fred&Rhonda
    Hey are you going to make it to the Expo......looking for a place to put my meat!!!LOL......SEE YA
    I will be there.Leaving Kenosha Wi by 4am on friday the 24th. should be there by noon there time.Still gives me few hours to look around then grab dinner with my wife grandson.Then get out our lawn chairs and listen to music .I take it the band plays in the evening.I also will be there all day Saturday the 25th looking around talking and shooting pictures of expedite trucks.
    heyyyyyyyyyy jeannie...... lol.....
    ya know..... i came here to see if u had any pics of your truck... *sigh*.. can we post pics on here??? hmmmmmmmmm hope we can cross paths sometime.
    cute pic of your co driver
    Jeanie, I'm glad you're here, too - we need all the smart folks we can get! (Not to mention experienced, and goodhearted)
    PS Saw a bobtail the other day, would have snapped a pic, but my cellphone/camera was dead - on the back, it said "Gotta go , gotta goooooo!"
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