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  • Hi, I see that you are friends with Are12 (Jim & Arlene).
    I don't know if you know yet and didn't want to post this on EO myself but Jim passed away of a massive heart attack.
    They work at the same co I do and it was sent out yesterday on the QC that Jim had died.
    Well,it's a tough call. I have been dragged through it,been called worse by this guy,and he keeps coming.I would hope his inuendos in my direction have not gone un noticed.
    It was meant to be a humorous comment to someone who comes across as an egotisical maniac with an inferiority complex.

    To quote a favorite member, "Judy, your just a darlin!" (Of all the comments lost in the redo here, that's the one I liked the best.) Keep up the good stuff, we enjoy it.
    I'm so glad you're here! I enjoy reading whatever you post, and hope to see lots more, ok?
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