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  • Cheri, I appreciate your answers and info given, the seminar is only going to cost me a room for the dinner and almost a tank of gas. Thanks again have a Great labor day weekend. Bill
    Causing trouble again,I missed this place! Good abuse is so hard to find!!Hope your well, I'll let you know how the book deal goes,not talking about it on FB.
    Where's Leo?
    jeff cell number is 317-363-8228 on his way to Indiana his home was the van when in Indiana he stay with his mom and dad or xwife. THANKS for makeing him thank someone cared. From his uncle
    I hope you weren't offended by the Uncle Sam avatar. I didn't mean it toward you. I didn't post here for a while due to some nonsense. The rude avatar was meant for them... Glad you liked it though....
    Hey Cheri I really wish you had been at the Expo it was a blast! It was so much fun meeting so many posters. Over all this Expo was the best we have ever attended. I have been doing a lot of walking this summer and I have finally changed my eating habits. No more bacon cheeseburgers. I am enjoying eating lots of berries this summer.
    Really,I would not hurt an animal.Feeling a little macho around the guys and got carried away. I forgot you read this.I needed to be spanked.I know your baby is your good bud. Riely,the neighbors Golden is my good bud and sloppers all over me when the big lunk see's me coming.
    It would be cool if you spoke your mind once in a while. haha...just kidding. I dig your style. Keep it coming.
    hey cheri1122,how is everything going,did you pass the road test from,let me know,by the way this is john
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