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  • Can anyone tell me of any freight brokers or companies that can keep sprinter & straight trucks loaded? For someone with own operating mc authority!
    BTW, did you know that Layoutshooer hasn’t been on this site since 2015?
    Steve and I met you one year at the Expedite Expo...I've enjoyed your posts and your knowledge...Hope you and Jan enjoy your home life...and please don't be a stranger to have so much knowledge to share!
    I read on a post that you made an excell program to track your deductions. I was wondering if you would mind sharing a blank copy with me. My e-mail is [email protected]
    I'm ok at using an excell program, but i have no idea how to make one. I would really appreciate and help you can give. thanks
    Safe drive Layovershooter. Weather should be good, dry and clear for your trip. Enjoy Ontario!! I live in Oakville just west of Toronto...

    Hello Joe,
    Just wanted to let you know we purchased a tool and the software for the speed limiter. Our truck is an 05 Volvo and are learning the software capabilities as we go. The software is purchased through volvo via third party (which you have to register with volvo). Phil puts out alot of misinformation one of the reasons I no longer post.
    Best wishes,
    PS Like your Woods and Water forum
    Hi Joe,

    I was just wondering if you called TSI Western Star about your APU problems and if they were able to help you.

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