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Looking Both Ways

EO University Workshop - Cleveland, Ohio

By John Mueller, CDS, COSS
Posted May 8th 2014 10:54AM


This post of Look Both Ways is all about Expediter’s University and the upcoming workshop in Strongsville (Cleveland area) Ohio on May 15, 2014. Please join us from 5pm to a little after 9pm at the Holiday Inn Strongsville (Cleveland Ohio area) for 4 full hours of expedite trucking information, career information and tips. Learn how to be successful as an expedite owner operator or possibly begin your career as a driver for a fleet owner. You’ll also be able to discover new products and services within the expedite industry.

Here is what to expect when you attend an Expediter’s University Workshop presented by OnTime Media and You will notice a clean and modern hotel which is centrally located for attendees with a large, well-appointed meeting room in which the event takes place. The staff of will happily and graciously welcome you to the event upon your arrival. A name tag will assist in introducing yourself to others. Attendees are typically folks just like yourself - people interested in the Expedited Industry. You will meet others who are those interested in a career in trucking, seasoned professional owner operators, professional drivers, along with recruiting, safety and operational professionals from many of the expedite carriers.

For the first half hour, from 5 to 5:30pm, you are able to relax and mingle, meeting the carrier representatives, the truck dealers, vendors and attendees like yourself.

John Mueller (C’est moi) will be making the first presentation of the evening, speaking about Expediting 101. Everything you might want to learn about expediting prior to entering this industry – a thorough overview. Topics addressed will include the following:

· Expediting defined.

· Licensing and permitting requirements.

· Vehicle selection and tips in spec’ing your vehicle.

· Tips to enhance your business’ bottom line.

· Insurances

· Driver responsibilities and

· Driver paperwork and pay

My experience within the trucking industry includes safety and regulatory compliance, taxes, permitting, Authorities, insurance, accident investigation, human resources and recruiting. My credentials include being a Certified Director of Safety (CDS), a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) and a Practicing Occupational Safety & Health Professional (POSHP). I am a partner in the Premium Group which includes Premium Transportation Logistics and Premium Freight Management. Phone (800)661-3166 Email: Fax(419)861-3526

From 6:50 to 7:00 pm you will enjoy a short break in the action. This is an ideal time to mingle again and ask questions of the carrier representatives and other drivers. You will feel at home within the Expedite community.

Beginning at 7pm you will get to hear Bob & Linda Caffee talk about Life as an Expediter. Bob and Linda moderate on the EO forums, write the “It’s a Team’s Life” Blog on and are “Pros” for Freightliner’s Team Run Smart website. Bob and Linda are true trucking professionals.

At 7:10pm John Lalonde with FYDA Freightliner in Columbus, Ohio will speak about Truck Specification Assessment. John is a seasoned expedite professional with many years assisting drivers become owner-operators. He also helps the experienced owners spec new and used vehicles. John and the good folks at FYDA Freightliner understand the needs of the driver and the customers of the expedite industry. Phone (800)589-3932 Email: Fax (614)851-0011

Beginning at 8pm, the microphone changes hands to Richard DeForest – VP with ATBS. His company helps Owner-Operators successfully navigate the path to being a profitable business owner. Mr. DeForest started in the trucking industry in 1969 and has experienced virtually every aspect of the industry. He has held titles that include Night Dispatcher, Dispatcher, Salesman, Recruiter, Operations Manager & Director, Marketing Director, General Manager, Vice President and President for both small and large carriers. His experience includes work in dry van, refrigerated and flatbed operations. Mr. DeForest was also Regional Manager for a successful brokerage office and General Manager of Operations for a Logistics Company. He utilizes his extensive knowledge of the industry to educate drivers, carrier personnel and ATBS employees in many ways. Phone: (303) 218-2809 Email:

Fax: (720) 212-0919

The workshop concludes at 9:10pm with door prizes and giveaways from the sponsors and vendors. In the past there have been some very nice gifts given to workshop attendees. Everyone leaves Expediters University a winner earning a certain degree of knowledge while having fun and a few snacks. Don’t miss it!

Meeting Date

Thursday May 15, 2014

Meeting Location

Holiday Inn Strongsville

15471 Royalton Road

Strongsville, OH 44136

Phone: 440-783-3011

Directions to Hotel

Disclaimer: This blog is NOT intended to give legal advice, nor be a substitute for any training required by the Regulations.

Till the next blog, Thank you drivers for all you do!. Please be safe!

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John Mueller, CDS, COSS


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