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It's a Team's Life

Sleeping in a Moving Truck

By Linda Caffee
Posted Apr 25th 2019 12:33PM

Hard to believe we got home about one month ago and still do not have our new truck.  More on that in the next blog. 

We have several projects going on at home.  First, there was a new bathroom added to our basement, and then our bedroom was moved from upstairs to downstairs.  It is much cooler in the basement, and there is a great picture window where we can see the forest. Moving from upstairs to the basement was not an easy job, and it wore us out! 

Once the bathroom was complete, we had a contractor do much of the work, and then Bob modified much of what he did.  That took time and then we added a walk-in closet that Bob has about complete…. The list goes on as when one thing changes that inspires new ideas of what needs to be done next.  Our days are spent running from one project to the next. 

In the middle of all this, we flew to Birmingham to pick up one of the Daly Coyne race haulers to drive out to Long Beach for the Long Beach Grand Prix.  We stayed during the week and helped in the garage area and then drove the truck back to the shop in Plainfield, IL.

What was a little surprising to me was how good it felt to crawl into that sleeper and feel as if we were home again.  While at the track we stay at a hotel and then drive straight through as soon as we leave the track.  The Western Star and hauler trailer weighing in close to 80,000 lbs. does not ride nearly as smoothly as our straight truck it still felt great to be back on the road.  Both Bob and I enjoyed our few nights in the truck and to finally be driving again.

We are back home now waiting on the freight box to be completed.  The truck and sleeper were done on time but the freight box has had one delay after another, and there is nothing special about the Wabash dry box. 

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