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Have law suits made Doctors untrustworthy?

By Linda Caffee
Posted Oct 10th 2021 6:01AM

Doctors make money by treating a patient over and over and over.  Instead of teaching a patient how to prevent the problem or even letting the problem heal on its own, a pill or surgery is prescribed.  Is there any incentive for a doctor, hospital, or pharmaceutical company to cure you?

Think of all the doctor's offices, urgent care facilities, clinics inside pharmacies, and how do they make money?  In our travels, it appears that the new health care facilities that are being built are as many as the new shopping stores being erected.  Between the health care and the rehab centers, there are blocks and blocks of them.  Next time you drive through a city take notice of how many doctor's offices, rehab places, and pharmacies there are.  Remember again how they make money.

With technology as good as it is, many little items are noticed during an examination and you have to wonder how many are life-threatening or will heal on their own.  Once the doctor sees anything they have a responsibility to let the patient know and then prescribe medicine or surgery to cure the “problem”.  There does not appear to be a magic pill that will solve a problem without side effects.   

There are people who would not be alive without the aid of doctors and they have a good quality of life, as we know in life one size does not fit all.  There are diseases out there that need the help of a doctor and pharmacy for the patient to stay alive.  There are also those out there taking medication to cure the problem that the former medication caused, and that can go on and on-off of one medication after another trying to fix the problems the former medication caused. 

Who knows maybe not going to the doctor for every twinge in a muscle or cough will result in someone dying but in the end, we all die one way or another. 

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