Fuel for Thought

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate - That is the Question for People Today. Part 2

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jul 28th 2021 7:04AM

If someone refused to get the vaccine, why do those who have been vaccinated need to “mask up” to protect them? The unvaccinated people are the ones at risk, by their own choosing. 

Those who refuse to get vaxxed will find themselves at risk of exposure to the virus, but they will soon find that their freedom is to be hindered as well. There will be places unvaxxed people can not go. Since when does a government remove your freedoms (when no law is broken) for the “protection” of others? If the vaxxed people are supposedly not able to be infected by the unvaxxed people, who are they “protecting”?

What was/is the purpose of getting vaxxed? To save lives, they said. They told us the vaccines were safe. Now they tell us the vaccines may have side effects and many reports of those side effects have surfaced. Whether you agree with the vaccine or not, in this country we have always had the right to choose our paths. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are a part of our Declaration of Independence. We have the right to choose the Life we live (vaxxed or unvaxxed). We have the right to Liberty (not restricted by our government, but protected by our elected officials). The Pursuit of Happiness may be in choosing whether to live in fear of the government or refusing unjust mandates.