Fuel for Thought

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate - That is the Question for People Today. Part 1

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jul 25th 2021 7:01AM

Governments around the world are pushing for their people to get vaccinated. The mantra is that these vaccines will save lives. These vaccines will protect you from COVID-19. Many people around the world have taken the vaccines and still we are asked (told in many cases) to wear masks to protect ourselves and others. 

Why would someone want to get vaxxed? There are a multitude of reasons. Namely fear. Fear of catching the virus. Fear of the virus that has been the focus of the media. Fear of the invisible killer just waiting for those who dare to venture out into the world and leave their “shelter in place” homes. 

Why would someone choose not to get vaxxed? Also fear. Fear of the future side effects of a relatively new vaccine. Fear of needles. Fear of following the crowds rather than to research, think and rationalize what is best for themselves. Fear of why so many are pushing the masses to get vaxxed when the numbers do not support the claims.

But they, and I use that term loosely, were even paying people to get the vaccine. Many companies were/are paying their employees to get vaxxed. Some companies give/gave employees perks (like extra pay hours, extra time off, etc,) just to get vaxxed.

There were “lotteries” in some states for a lucky vaxxer to win just for getting the shot(s).

If this virus were as deadly as everyone was led to believe, why wouldn’t every rational person want to get vaxxed to protect themselves and their family? 

Why the need to pay people to get injected? People, in general, do what is in their own best interest. Getting paid to get vaxxed was in many people's own best interest. Does anyone get paid to get the Flu shot each year? 

If people refuse to get vaxxed, they must have their own reasons which they see as their own best interest. Are we always right about what is best for ourselves? No, but at least in this country, we have a right to make our own choices and reap the benefits or suffer the consequences.