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Fuel for Thought

Time To Retire

By Greg Huggins
Posted Feb 25th 2019 1:30PM

Know when to say enough is enough.

Sometimes you just have to call it quits and retire…. for the day.

Inclement weather can be the deciding factor. Pushing through when the weather is bad can be part of the job, but knowing your limitations can save your life and the lives of others. It is much better to arrive late than to never arrive at all.

If you saw any of the news stories about the pile ups due to snow and ice, the trucks blown over on their sides from high winds, mudslides, rockslides, floods or washed out roads, you saw where some drivers did not make it home from their trips.

Another time to consider retiring to your sleeping quarters is when you are ill. If you are not feeling well and it affects your timing, judgement or ability to make quick decisions for changing road conditions. Many medications, even over the counter (OTC) medications can affect your ability to drive. Always check the labels before taking any medication when you are behind the wheel. Sometimes, retiring to get the much needed rest to combat the illness will help recovery and have you rested for the new day ahead. Not taking the time to get the proper restorative rest needed can only prolong the illness.

If you must drive in bad weather conditions, be one with your truck. Know your own limitations, but also know the limits of your truck. Being “One” with the truck means working with the vehicle, not against it. Pushing yourself or your truck to handle conditions neither one was designed for will only increase the risk of having an incident. Wet roads, slow down. Snow and ice, slow down. High winds, slow down. Keep in mind, speed limits are for ideal conditions, not all conditions. 

If the roads get too bad, maybe it is time you retire to your sleeper and wait until it is safe to travel again.

See you down the road,