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Fuel for Thought

The Good, The Bad and The Chicago

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jan 16th 2020 8:07AM

I've been to Chicago many times over the years. For the most part, in a large city, people tend to be a bit angrier than outside of town (and who could really blame them?). 

While in downtown Chicago, sitting at a light waiting to turn left, I looked to my right and see a guy on a motorcycle in the far right turn lane looking up, down, right and left at my truck, all the while sporting a big grin. Then he sees me looking in his direction, his smile gets bigger and he gives me a thumbs up. I stretch to look at his Honda Goldwing, and give him a big thumbs up back. 

After a few turns, I get parked downtown at my delivery location. Lots of foot traffic going by. One guy stops beside my truck, looks it all over and then sees me sitting in the driver’s seat and again another big smile and a thumbs up. I just smiled and waved back. 

The very next day, I am returning to the downtown Chicago facility to pick up the load I delivered the previous day. As I am making my way up the interstate, doing the speed limit, trying to maintain some space between me and the traffic ahead of me, a truck pulls up to pass me (on my left, as he should), pauses next to me and I look over to find an angry driver giving me a “one finger salute” and then he sped away.

On the same commute, another truck passes me on the right (as he should not do and it was an exit only lane), but he also takes the time to pause next to me and what do I see when I look over? He wanted to let me know “you’re number one” before he races ahead of me and cuts me off (okay, I’ll admit it, that was my interpretation of his gesture, but I am certain that is not what he meant, given the finger he chose to use).

Well, now all is right in the world again. The anomaly of the previous day is now balanced again.

See you down the road,