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Fuel for Thought

Thankful anyway!

By Dale
Posted Nov 30th 2009 4:32PM

             Well, with Thanksgiving, it’s been a slow week again. Couple of short runs, one of which turned into a dry run of course, then nothing. It does get a bit frustrating, when you’re ready to go, and want to run, and you don’t get that call.   Of course, if you WANT to go do something, go out to dinner, hit a movie, visit family... well then, that guarantees a call LOL.            

          We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and got to see a lot of our family members.   It was kind of weird, as my brother has been the ”˜Holiday Host’ for many years, and with him gone, the hosting duties fell to his son.   It worked out good tho, as he recently bought a new house, and it was large enough to host everyone comfortably.   I’m very thankful for all our blessings.   I’m thankful I have a business, that tho frustrating at times, still has the potential to make more money in a couple days than I have made in a week when I was younger.   With the economy still slowly recovering, we sure can’t be complaining too much. Many people are laid off, and would love to be making the amount I make on my ”˜slow’ weeks... So, I just tell myself, suck it up, but on your big boy pants, and get on with it!





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