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Fuel for Thought

Surprise run!

By Dale
Posted Oct 2nd 2009 12:00PM

          Business is still booming, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly!   Today I had a ”˜surprise’ run!   Better back up I guess. Yesterday, I had a short delivery from Zanesville area over to Dayton in the morning.   Went back home to catch a nap, figuring I’d get back out.   Later in the day, I accepted another relatively short run from Hillsboro, OH to Andersonville, NC... just about 260 miles... I had been hoping for a longer run, but accepted it, and took off.   I didn’t take extra drinks or anything with me, because that short of a run, being in a van, it’s usually cheaper for me just to run back home than to stay out.   I know a lot of people stay out no matter what, but for my preferences, if I’m within 2-300 miles of home, it’s worth the fuel to me to just go home and sleep in my own bed, rather than the back of the van.   Plus, in the Columbus express center, I usually get back out in decent time.


            Anyway!   I got to the pickup, checked in, and the lady said, ”˜you’re here for the Memphis load!   Um... no! LOL.   I told her just the Andersonville load... well, after several calls to her boss, and my dispatch, it was discovered that someone told somebody wrong, and the load did indeed go to Memphis.   Double miles, double pay.. works for me!   So what was supposed to be a short run, turned into a nice overnight run down to Memphis.


            I had a very nice ride, with a very light 30 lb load, so had good fuel mileage.   I love going thru the mountains of Tennessee. I’ve added just a few shots below.   I’ve waited around hoping to get a run back north, as tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.   21 years that woman has been putting up with me... she outta get a prize or something! LOL.    Since I haven’t gotten anything yet, gonna head out anyway... gotta be there!



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