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Fuel for Thought

Summer 2020

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 14th 2020 8:00AM

Officially, Summer starts on June 20, 2020. Although it hasn't officially started, the temperatures outside are heating up in many areas of the country. Whether you are working hard or hardly working, don’t neglect your truck. Take the time to properly maintain your truck, it will save you money in the long run. Roadside service is expensive, get the work done on your schedule.

Check your tire tread and air pressures regularly. As you drive your tires naturally heat up, this is compounded by the increased road temperatures. Underinflated tires will heat up even more due to added flex in the sidewalls that properly inflated tires will help reduce. Check your tires before hitting the road to help reduce the chances of having heat related tire problems on the road. 

Belts tend to fail more in the hot summer months as well. The stress and the heat, over time, weakens belts and can have you stranded on the shoulder of the road. Check and replace your belts, if necessary, and always carry a spare. Even if you just keep the old belt as a spare, it can get you off the shoulder and to a safe parking area or shop for proper replacement.

Hoses are vital. Just like belts, they deteriorate over time and before you subject them to another hot summer, check and replace as necessary.

These are just a few things to check as the summer temps arrive. Of course, you want to ensure your equipment is safe and compliant from front to back, so don’t neglect to do a proper Pre-Trip Inspection each time you get ready to hit the road, as well as Mid-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections during your day. Catching potential problems now is much better than roadside.

Be safe out there.

See you down the road,