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Fuel for Thought

Short run

By Dale
Posted Nov 20th 2009 12:25PM

           Well, after a slow week, I got a short run that picked up last night about 25 miles from home, and delivered this morning near Indianapolis.  Only about 175 miles.. didn't like committing the van over night for such a short run,  but after a few days home, couldn't turn it down.  The fun part came when I got to the address I was given, and there was no plant by that name anywhere close. There was one huge factory, but no address listed on the street. I called dispatch, and they said satellite had me within 50 yards of the address, look across the street.. LOL... When I informed them across the street was a farm field they were as confused as me.  While they were trying to track down the info, I looked up the factory on the internet in my phone. Sure enough, it was the address given.   We finally worked it out that when the customer ordered the truck, they put themselves down as the shipper too.  Apparently the factory was a 'parts processor' for the end customer... so even tho the order came from the customer, and delivered TO the customer, I actually was supposed to go to the THIRD party processor.  Minor detail, resulting in a several minute delay while we figured it out.

           Anyway, no harm, no foul, and after we got it worked out, I took the load home, slept in my own bed, then left this morning and delivered on time. Being so close to home, I just ran back home and I'm headed back to bed, figuring since it's before noon on a Friday, I still have a shot at another load. 


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