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Return on Investment

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jul 19th 2017 2:13PM

My first Expedite Expo is now behind me. What an event! I had been reluctant to take time off from work to attend in years past as it meant I would lose income for that time period and I am running a small business. An expediting trucking business, but a small business nonetheless. Time off when you are self employed means no revenue is being generated, yet bills still need to be paid. While this event takes you out of being dispatched for loads, the networking that goes on at the Expo can pay dividends down the road.

I spoke with many people at the Expo, my only disappointment was talking with other expediters not knowing who they were on ExpeditersOnline. I understand the anonymity of using a screen name, but I would have liked to know if some of the people I spoke with in person at the Expo were some of the same people I may have spoken with online at . I only met one person who told me who he was on EO, that was Bama1. We spoke briefly as we were both very busy there, he was there gathering information and I caught up with him while he was taking a break and enjoying the views of Lexington from outside the venue.

There is so much information to take in at an event like the Expo that it can be overwhelming. It has been a few days since it ended and I am still remembering and sorting out some of it.

The round table discussions were another great networking tool. Many different topics were discussed, and this was not your typical " truck stop lunch counter" discussion. These were informative sessions and most everyone walked away with useful knowledge and insights about our industry.

Co hosting a workshop was a first for me. Joey Slaughter and I (mostly Joey) gave a presentation about apps that we use in our businesses. The best part for me was the interaction from the attendees. They provided some great feedback about alternative apps to the ones I use that I wasn’t aware of. “There’s an app for that” is a common phrase and mostly true. Nowadays, there are apps for almost everything, almost. As a matter of fact there was an app developer in our workshop that has a great new app unlike any other. It will be a very useful tool for truckers, but especially to expediters. Stay tuned for the next blog where I will give you more info about this great new app.


See you down the road,


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1 Comment

  • teamcaffee - July 19, 2017
    Greg while it is VERY difficult to turn down a fantastic load I always remember the networking and information that we will gain at the Expo. See you there next year.

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