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Fuel for Thought

Ready to Run!

By Dale
Posted Oct 16th 2009 4:14PM

          Today I finally got my van back out of the shop.   We thought it was only going to take a day, but the mechanic ran into some complications, and the dang thing just didn’t wanna come apart!   Funny how nearly 300,000 miles will make bolts seize!   Anyway, about $440.00 later, the new water pump, thermostat, and other maintenance is done, and I’m back in service.   Kind of stinks that I had to be out of service for 2 days, possibly missing good runs, but as I said before, I’m glad it happened near home.   The good thing about having a regular mechanic, who’s also a friend... he didn’t charge me for all the extra time it took him. He quoted the job, and that was it.   If it had happened out on the road? Well, you know that $80.00 an hr labor cost would have just kept raising.  



            That’s one thing I learned from my brother. He always said make friends with local shops, repairmen, mechanics, etc.... treat them right, use the same guy for the small stuff... then when it’s a big job, or it’s an emergency, they’re more apt to ”˜jump you in line’ and get you right in, than a stranger who you never deal with, and suddenly you want ”˜service NOW!’ ... it’s good to actually have someone you trust, who’s been your ”˜guy’ for 25 years, and you know he’s not gonna rip you off.   He worked on my first car when I was 17... treated me right, and now... all these years later.. I trust him with the van that is my business.


Dale is a solo van owner operator leased to FedEx Custom Critical, and is based out of the Columbus, Ohio Express Center.  He can be reached at


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