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Notice to all workers

By Greg Huggins
Posted Nov 23rd 2017 9:12AM



Notice to all workers:


We want to make you aware of a few hazards in the workplace. This is for your safety and the safety of others.

Please take note and adjust your normal routine as required.


Broken glass and fluid spill

Upon entering the workspace, you will notice someone has dropped a pot of coffee and there are glass shards and liquid on the floor in the main entrance hallway (Sarah, in the future, please tell us when you make a mess). We have alerted maintenance to the area for clean up. Please watch your step or avoid the area.


Remodeling the break room

Further down the main hallway, you will encounter contractors remodeling our break room. Some of the upgrades include, moving the entrance door down the hallway (yet another hallway hazard), new floor tiles and updating the plumbing and appliances. Please allow for delays in the main hallway as they will need room to work as well as bring materials in and out. There will be brief periods of time when this section of the main hallway are unusable. Use another hallway if necessary.


Broken mail cart

If you get past the remodeling area of the main hallway you will find that there is a mail cart with a broken wheel next to door to the accounting department. We have notified the mail room that it is unacceptable to leave it there and they must remove it, however, as we know, the mail does not come very fast and neither do the mail room workers. Please use caution when you encounter this area, as they may have maintenance there working to fix it.



If you make your way to the end of the main hallway, you may encounter mice near the factory door. Apparently, someone had their lunch outside of the break room and left food remnants which attracted the mice. (Larry, you can pick up your lunch cooler in the main office). We were notified of the issue last night and we are awaiting the arrival of the exterminator.



Just as your office may have some hazards, our roads will have them too. We all share the highways, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and the occasional airplane. While we all use it, truckers can see it as their office, it is their workplace after all. We are coming into the winter months and that usually means the roads will have new hazards we haven’t seen since last winter. As the snow and ice start to build up on and around our roadways please adjust your driving to the conditions, even if that means not driving at all in severe conditions.

Like the Broken glass and fluid spill above, while driving, slow down and give extra room for your fellow drivers when you encounter a crash scene. Those involved in the crash could be getting medical attention and may be disoriented from the crash. Emergency crews could also be on the scene and they need a little extra space to work. 

Similar to the Remodeling the break room above, road construction is a constant remodel of the roads we need. Always slow down in work zones, especially when the roads are slick and give the crews room to work. Slowing down for a few SECONDS will not alter your travel time significantly, but it may save your life or possibly the life of a construction worker. A few seconds won’t kill you, but speeding in a work zone could.

Watch out for and give some room to the Broken mail cart. Vehicles break down, it will happen. Generally they will pull to the shoulder of the road and get out to see if they can make repairs. When you see a disabled vehicle, expect anything, everything, at least expect something to happen. Move over OR slow down to give yourself more time to react should there be activity at the brokedown vehicle.

Finally, just like the Mice above, watch out for the animals.While you will see animals run onto the road all year, the winter months have shorter daylight hours and there is more opportunity for one or more animals to run out of the darkness into the road ahead of you. Don’t overdrive your headlights. Can you safely stop in the area you can see with your headlights?

Let’s all try to have a safe winter on the roads and use a little extra caution.


See you down the road,



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