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Fuel for Thought

Not much happening today

By Dale
Posted Oct 17th 2009 4:20PM

           Today was another day off around the house. I accepted a run last night, but it’s just an assist for Monday morning.   I will be assisting a White Glove unit with an unload. Sometimes a driver will be called in for an escort, or just to help unload something that requires extra help.   It should only take a couple hrs of my time, including the drive there and back, and it pays well.   I could have held out for a long weekend run, but after 3 days home, I just wanted to have something in the books.


            It’s been a rough few days for my family.   My brother has been fighting cancer for over 3 years now, and it looks like we’re getting down to the end.   What a nasty, insidious disease.   It destroys a person physically, and finally, it takes away who you are.


Cancer Sucks.






Dale is a solo van owner operator leased to FedEx Custom Critical, and is based out of the Columbus , Ohio Express Center.  He can be reached at



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