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Fuel for Thought

New York again!

By Dale
Posted Nov 14th 2009 10:08AM

               After my 'Cloak and Dagger' pickup yesterday, last nights run seemed kind of mundane!  I got the call yesterday evening for a nice long 600 plus mile run up to Rochester, New York, picking up only about 20 miles from where I was sitting. Since it didn't deliver til Monday, and my routing would take me 25 miles from home, I figured I could just have a paid weekend home!  Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men, and all that!


           After I picked the run up and started for home, dispatch sent me a message that the delivery time had changed to today.  So, as I passed thru last night, I stopped long enough to have dinner with my Honey, then drove overnight to reach Rochester .

          There was a bit of a screw up this morning.  After I arrived at the delivery location with my 700 lbs of industrial equipment, the security guards showed me in, and sent me back.  Then the fun began.  Another security guard tells me no-one is here for that division, the person I have listed as a contact doesn't work on Saturdays. so... can I just leave the freight somewhere? no. He  then says, well we can't sign for it, and he'll try to find 'Mike'.  So, they start calling people at home, trying to find someone who can tell them what to do.  They finally got "Mike"s supervisor on the phone. He's irritated to be called at home on a Saturday of course LOL>  Finally, after waiting 2 hrs, the supervisor calls me and says "Mike' is there.  Turns out, Mike knew what was going on, and had come in early, and was in his OFFICE in the building waiting on someone to call him and tell him I was there.  Of course, since everyone KNEW Mike didn't work Saturdays, no-one checked his office. Duh. LOL.  They finally found him because the supervisor had Mike's cell phone.

         Gotta love communication in big companies!

Dale is a solo van owner operator leased to FedEx Custom Critical. He can be reached for comment at


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