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Fuel for Thought

Labor Day

By Dale
Posted Sep 8th 2009 6:29AM

             Well, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!   I ended up deadheading home to Ohio from Memphis, arriving home on Saturday. I had hoped to get a run heading home, but it was not to be.   I really hated to deadhead home that far, but I had made plans (and promises to family) to be home for the holiday.   To be fair, my company did offer me runs while I was in Memphis, but they were all going South... either Texas, Louisiana, etc... which would have put me too far away to come home.   Sometimes you have to weigh the income vs family time.   It’s good to have income, but with family coming in, the kids home from college for the weekend and my wife actually off work (!) I felt the better choice was to head home.   It was another beautiful night time drive, up I40 thru TN, past Nashville, then catching 65 North to Louisville, where I picked up I71 back home.   The full moon made it even nicer!


            We had a wonderful weekend!   We all went to church Sunday morning, taking a friend with us who had never been to our church.   After a good service, we ended up with several family members at my home to sample the cookout skills of a great griller.. um.. me! LOL.   It was a very relaxing day, and we needed the rest.   So, after a weekend of family, friends, and fun, I’m ready to get back to work. Unfortunately, I’m kind of limited, as I can only take short runs today. I have an appointment to get my DOT physical tomorrow morning. My old one expires tomorrow, and I can’t run til I get a new one.   For those who don’t know, a DOT physical is required at least every two years for all CDL drivers. I say at least, because it may be sooner if a driver has any conditions which are considered ”˜high risk’ and need to be monitored more.. such as high blood pressure.  


            Have a good week everyone!


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