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Fuel for Thought

In the South

By Dale
Posted Nov 21st 2009 3:15AM

          Well, I figured right! I'm glad I went home and went back to sleep yesterday.  Later in the evening, when I'd about given up, I got a call for ASAP pickup, hot hot hot parts going to Birmingham, AL.  Over 600 miles, when I thought all I'd be doing was watchin TV for the evening.  So, threw my stuff in the van, and headed for the pick up.  Turned out it was a light load, which as you know, I hate for ride quality, but it makes for good fuel mileage... so I can't complain too much.  Pretty uneventful ride... interstate most of the way... down I71 thru Ohio, into Kentucky.... then picking up I65 at Louisville, running on down thru KY, TN and into Alabama.  I delivered about 30 miles below Birmingham.  When I was dispatched, the address would not come up on GPS, and the shipper just gave me some phone numbers, and told me to call when I was close, and they would talk me in.

           Well, good thing, because I would never have found it.  The guy told me what road to go down, and to go so far past such a landmark, etc.. then look for a gravel road off to my right. It would be easy to miss, but it was really Gate 4.  So, I did as he said, and sure enough, there was a gravel road going off thru the woods.  Right by the fence was a small sign that said Gate 4 like he said, but I never would have guessed it was a delivery location.  I drove back about half a mile, and it opened up into a clearing where a bunch of storage trailors and office trailors were huddled.  A few hundred yards away I could see the back of a huge factory.  Turns out, they needed more office and storage space, so they had this 'staging area' out on the edge of the woods!  No shipping dock, just a group of guys waving me over to one of the trailors.  Turns out, no fork lift either, just a few of us each grabbed hold of the pallet, and moved it out to where they wanted it.  Ya just never know where you're gonna be!

            Pretty well shot after driving all night, so heading up to the Flying J at Birmingham to sleep.


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