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Fuel for Thought

In Da Sunshine!

By Dale
Posted Dec 10th 2009 1:49PM

          It's funny, when I got home from my last run, after 'Racing the Storm', I looked at the weather map, and said "The only warm place I see is Columbia, SC !  So, guess where I sit tonight LOL. Yep, Sitting in Columbia, after delivering over by Myrtle Beach this morning. I was tempted to have another 'Daycation', but after driving all night, I was pretty tired, so I came on up to Columbia to go to sleep.  Now, I wouldn't brag to friends that I was sitting in near 60 degree sunshine while they were talking about snow... not me! I would NEVER do that.... :-)

          Well, I got a nap, took advantage of the nice weather to sleep with the van off, and then spent time online paying bills, catching up, etc.  Gonna hang out here for a while, and then hopefully get a good run back in the direction of home tomorrow.

Later all!

Dale is a solo van owner operator for FedEx Custom Critical, and can be reached with comments at


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