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Fuel for Thought

From Quiet Country Roads, to the Bright Lights!

By Dale
Posted Aug 26th 2009 8:58PM

    Yesterday morning, I was supposed to go to New York, but after waiting almost 5 hours at the shipper, the run cancelled.   That happens sometimes... rarely, but it does happen.   This time the Quality Control department wouldn’t release the product.


     So, after waiting around all day, last night I got dispatched on a short run picking up in West Virginia, and coming back to Columbus, OH.   It never ceases to amaze me the differences in surroundings I can see in one day working this job.   On the way to the pickup, I was on winding, two lane roads.. surrounded by overhanging trees.   

      One part of the trip, I drove for about 5 miles within stones throw of the Ohio River, and could see boats cruising by, and people fishing from the banks, and small fishing boats.   I picked up near a small town called Friendly, and as I left, the moon was out, and it was just me and the trees for a while!   Once again, it was one of those peaceful nights, where I just turned off  the radio and enjoyed the ride.


      Upon reaching my delivery area in Columbus tho; WOW ... what a difference! I delivered into a busy industrial area, and then came thru the Ohio State Campus area on my way back home.   Hundreds of people, students mostly, lined the streets...after midnight, on   a Wednesday night!   You’d never have known it was a weeknight... people running across the street, crowding around outside restaurants and bars... music spilling out into the streets.   A small group of happy folk ran across the street dodging traffic as they went to join friends.   They smiled and waved thanks as I slowed down and waved them on across.   A cacophony of noises greeted me as I stopped at each red light.. honking horns, sirens flying by, shouting teens, thumping hip hop!


     What a change of pace from the quiet rural back roads of West Virginia, where I started the night!    But it’s all good... it’s part of the enjoyment. You never know what you’ll see each day!


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