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Fuel for Thought

Daycation at the Beach!

By Dale
Posted Oct 5th 2009 4:59PM

         Today was a day of firsts!   I delivered my shipment in the small town of Hamilton, NC... then my first option for layover was Richmond, VA.   As I headed North, I was passing these fields covered with fluffy white stuff LOL...

          I spent a lot of time in the South as a kid, I’ve never been around when the cotton was ready to pick. May seem silly to people who live around it, but it was pretty cool for me! The stuff was blowing down the road, and all over the ditches... looking like huge snowflakes!


            I’ve been to Chesapeake Bay, The Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, etc... but had never been to the Atlantic Ocean. So, I decided to take a detour on my way to Richmond, and spent the day in Virginia Beach, VA. I went to the First Landing area, and then went down to the actual ocean front. I found a public parking area, 50 ft from the beach! I had a very relaxing day wondering up and down the beach, watching the seagulls, and wading in the ocean.   It’s one of those things ya just have to do when you get a chance!


            I guess that’s one of the cool things about this job.   I saw so many harried looking families running around the beach; older couples, young people... and I thought most of them probably are on vacation... and paid to come here. They spent gas money, rented hotels, packed huge suitcases, took time off work, etc... and here I am.... I got paid to come here LOL.... It cost me 5 gallons of fuel to go off my planned route, $2.00 for parking 50 ft from the shore... and that’s it!   I had my van to stay in, and had a packed cooler... so no overpriced hotel or ”˜beach food’... no paying $5.00 for a water.  What a low stress way to take a ”˜daycation’... and no hurry to see everything, because I can always see more next time I get paid to vacation here :-) .  


            After my relaxing day (I needed that)... I have now moved on over to Richmond, where I will sleep tonight, slightly sunburned, sand on the floor of my van, tired, but refreshed!





Dale is a Columbus, Ohio based, solo Van owner-operator for FedEx Custom Critical  and can be reached at


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