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Fuel for Thought


By Greg Huggins
Posted May 16th 2020 9:21AM

You have probably heard the old saying, you can’t soar like an eagle when you surround yourself with turkeys. If your “friends” are holding you back, are they really your friends? This can also apply to co-workers, peers or any groups or associations you surround yourself with. And then there is the mob mentality and following the crowds, which really shows why it is so important to consider who you choose for your circle.

Having a good circle is easy to recognize. Those within the circle will encourage each other to be their best, strive for excellence and attain higher goals. It is not just your ability to succeed, but also your attitude. While you may have heard that opposites attract, this is true of magnets, but people who are determined to succeed, will attract other like minded people. Positive thinkers do not like to be brought down by those who are always crying foul, or being a constant victim of their own imagination.

Just like positive people in your circle will prop you up, if you are surrounded by negative people, they will drag you down with them. Generally, negative people want you to wallow in the gutter with them. Remember, misery loves company? If you start to succeed, they will find ways to drag you back down.

Choose your circle wisely, even if you have to change who is in your circle. 

You take care of you, do your best to succeed at whatever you want to do and you will find that you will encounter other like minded people, your circle will grow and  everyone in it will prosper. 

Encouragement, rather than discouragement, will help you reach higher levels of success.

You probably know you are what you eat. Well, you are also subject to your environment. 

Read. Read. Read.



Achieve more with an open mind.

How many influential people have you heard of that follow the crowds? None. They are blazing their own paths by thinking for themselves and creating opportunities instead of wailing about unfairness in the marketplace. Go out and get it. No one said it was fair or easy, but with a positive circle of people around you, you will succeed, however you define success. You are responsible for your own success and a positive circle will help rather than hinder.

See you down the road,