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Fuel for Thought

Better Not Bitter

By Greg Huggins
Posted May 24th 2020 8:31AM

Truckers who have been around for a while can remember back when we helped one another, had random chance meetings at a truck stop or customer, and held conversations with one another about many things. Chance meetings could occur in a parking lot just because one truck driver admired another’s truck. Or they are both leased to the same carrier. Or one is interested in working with the other’s carrier. Maybe it was a chance meeting over a dead battery, busted hose or an air line leak. Whatever the reason, truckers talked to one another, helped one another and discussed the current state of the trucking industry, weather or road conditions. Seasoned professional drivers would mentor the new drivers to help them get started. 

Nowadays, that comradery is almost gone. There are still many out here that will help another driver, but many just seem to be a hermit in their trucks and bitter to the world. If you approach some drivers out here today, you will get scoffed at, ignored or treated like a nuisance. 

You might even find a driver to tell you something like:

“I don’t know you. I don’t want to know you. I’m not your therapist. I’m not a friend of yours. I’m not your brother. Go away! I’m just a jerk who also drives a truck, maybe for the same carrier, but we do not know each other and I am a bitter guy who doesn’t want to meet you.” Okay, maybe I added that last line, but that is the impression some drivers give when they treat another driver this way. Maybe it is a gung ho new driver who is just excited about leasing onto the same carrier as you and he just happened to see you at the fuel island and wanted to say hi, possibly get some pointers from you. Maybe he just wanted to tell you about a nail he saw in your tire and make sure you were aware of it. Whatever the reason, why be a jerk? How difficult is it to give another human being a few precious moments of your time just to say hello and have a brief conversation?

To all you bitter, jaded, obnoxious jerks driving trucks out there, just know, it is your loss for not networking with your fellow drivers. We, the friendly helpful drivers, will continue on without you. We will continue to help our fellow drivers. The trucking schools only teach you how to pass the exam, operate a truck and get a job, they do not generally take the time to teach the unwritten rules of the road, or provide “real world” driving experiences.We will continue to network with other successful truck owners and increase our value and knowledge. We will succeed while you remain bitter and alone. Good day to you Sir (yes, it is usually a guy that is so crotchety).

See you down the road,