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Fuel for Thought

Back to the East Coast!

By Dale
Posted Sep 18th 2009 2:50PM


            Today was a pretty easy day, just running the same route twice.   I was scheduled to go back in service at 10am this morning, but got a call about 8:30 asking me if I could run down to Piketon, OH and take a short 100 mile run over to Zanesville. It paid ok for the time involved, so I said sure and ran it. That put me only about 60 miles from home, so I just ran home, and started to relax and play on the computer.   Of course, as things go, I immediately got a phone call asking if I’d go back over by Zanesville and pick up a run going to New Jersey for Monday morning. They were having trouble getting a truck for it, and it was one of those “I need your help” calls LOL.   The customer had requested a straight truck for the load, but my company didn’t have one in the area close enough to make pick-up on time.   After looking at the weight, a dispatcher called the customer back and asked if it would possibly fit in a van. After some quick measuring, they said yes... so I got the call.. being the ONLY van in service, in the Columbus area!  


            I only had about an hr and a half to pick it up, so I jumped in the van, and ran out Rte 22 over the same route I’d come down just an hour before!   When I got to the shipper, they showed me the freight, and I kinda swallowed hard... it was 3 skids... and I normally can only fit 2 skids in my van. I did NOT wanna lose this load.. so out came the tape measure again, and I realized the skids were a bit smaller than normal. I moved somethings around in my van, moved my personal gear, storage bins, etc... and made enough room to squeeze all 3 skids in! Thank The Lord! I needed the run!


            Since it doesn’t deliver to ”˜Joisey’ til Monday morn, that gives me a paid weekend at home... good deal.. Buckeye Football is on tomorrow!



GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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