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Fuel for Thought

Got a minute to spare? How about 3 hours?

By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 5th 2018 7:43PM

What could you do if you had an additional three hours every day? How about just an additional three work hours each day? How about just an additional three available hours each day? Where would your “extra” time be spent?

Now that the ELD mandate is in effect and the enforcement date of April 1 has passed, there is a movement to add three hours to your already 14 available hours each day to give you some wiggle room. Who thinks making more hours available is a good thing? Remember all the complaints from drivers about shippers and receivers holding trucks for hours on docks, because they could since drivers could “correct” the log later, but now with a ticking clock, driver’s time has value. Adding more time to your available hours also gives others more of your time. Consider the consequences of some perceived wiggle room.

A lawyer who charges $500 per hour will spend all the time necessary working on your case, but if the same lawyer charged $500 to handle your case, he or she will want it handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. He or she will earn more when working efficiently at a set rate, than spending extra time without extra compensation.

If you earn $1400 per day, that's $100 per hour for your 14 hour day, but add 3 hours and now your same $1400 takes up to 17 hours to earn. That's a pay cut, now instead of $100 per hour, you are making $82.35 per hour. Also, if you are able to work in a 17 hour window, and you do stretch your work day out to the 17 hour limit, you still need a 10 hour break to reset your daily clock, only now your day is 27 hours, not 24. Last time I checked, each day still only has 24 hours in it.

We have all heard that time is money, so why give away either?

If you jump on the bandwagon for increased available hours, make sure you line up for the next thing coming. What's next? Who knows. Maybe increased weight limits or increased length limits. Why Not? You are already giving away your time, why not give away free capacity?

At this point, with all the lawsuits, rallies, protests and bills to stop, delay or change the hours of service or how we record them, I am surprised that no one has suggested raising the speed limits. Then drivers would be able to roll off the same miles they did before the mandate. 

Do more for less has never been my mantra. Work smarter, not harder.


See you down the road,



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