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Risky Business

Why VOI? Did You Know #7

By Shelly Benisch, T.R.S., C.I.C.
Posted Nov 20th 2014 8:52AM

CIS_Logo_60_1_4.jpgMotor Carriers who are also Brokers often confuse what their Contingent Liability and Contingent Cargo actually covers. This type of insurance protects the Broker side when brokering a load to another Motor Carrier only. It is not designed to protect your Broker side when brokering that load to your own Motor Carrier side. It also does not protect for your Owner Operator who has provided inadequate coverage. Look, it’s very common for a Motor Carrier to need advice on their insurance.
VOI is a great way to have your insurance vetted for FREE. Take advantage of this value added benefit from TEANA membership…we’re here to help YOU understand and grow your business.


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