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Risky Business

What Concerns Truckers Most

By Shelly Benisch
Posted Nov 2nd 2015 9:09AM

Dan Murray with ATRI shared a summary of their survey's "Top Concerns of the Trucking Industry" at our last Transportation Risk Specialist Conference.  Two of the top two concerns are no surprise, Hours of Service and CSA, or Compliance, Safety and Accountability.   Here's the breakdown of the difference between the overall top issues of Drivers vs. Carriers:

Commercial Drivers                                                       Motor Carrier Execs

1.  Hours of Service                                                       1.  Driver Shortage

2.  Truck Parking                                                            2.  Hours of Service

3.  ELD Mandate                                                            3.  CSA

4.  CSA                                                                           4.  Driver Retention

5.  Driver Retention                                                        5.  ELD Mandate

6.  Driver Health & Wellness                                          6.  Transportation Infrastructure

7.  Fuel Supply & Fuel Prices                                         7.  Economy

8.  Driver Distraction                                                       8.  Driver Health & Wellness

9.  Driver Shortage                                                          9.  Tort Reform

10.  Transportation Infrastructure                                   10. Driver Distraction

There is a ton of other interesting data, but since parking came up as the second concern for drivers I thought I'd share that survey data here today.  The question ATRI asked:

Who should be responsible for fees related to a parking reservation system?

  • Carrier (57%)
  • Driver (18%)
  • Both the Carrier and the Driver (25%)

What should happen if a parking reservation is missed?

  • Refund Reservation fee (54%)
  • Transfer reservation to a new date/time (35%)
  • Forfeit the space and fee (11%)

I talked with Sharon Foster at TA/Petro last week and she shared with me that assisting drivers in solving the parking issue is a major focus in their support of our industry.

One of ATRI's top research priorities for 2015 is determining ideal truck parking locations as well as getting younger drivers into the driver's seat...which is a whole other blog for another day!


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