Risky Business

Transportation Risk Specialist Conference

By Shelly Benisch, T.R.S., C.I.C.
Posted Oct 25th 2013 5:53AM



Hi Everyone,

John and I just returned from a TRS Insurance conference this past week in Orlando.    TRS stands for “Transportation Risk Specialist”, and the seminars are for insurance agents who specialize in Trucking.

The agenda is actually more interesting than you might think, with past and current court cases explained by some very entertaining attorneys, including Rob Mosely of Smith, Moore, Leatherwood, a name most Motor Carriers recognize as a major player in the truck litigation world.  

We also attended a lengthy seminar by CAB, or Central Analysis Bureau.  This is a company we'll all be hearing much more about in the future.   They’ve taken information available on Safestat from FMCSA and other sources, and combined it into a one stop website that Insurance Companies and Agents can review when underwriting a Motor Carrier.    

Over time, it should eliminate a lot of the Motor Carriers who are, shall we say, less than honest.   What that means to you, the Owner Operator, is that the good guys left standing will compete for Professional Owner Operators.   Hopefully resulting in higher income for YOU.

Sometimes John and I would split off to different seminars, he attended the “Owner Operators, Use and Misuse of Independent Contractors” so that we can continue to monitor pending changes and practices for all of our clients.

I attended “ISO Forms Update”, which keeps us up to date on what changes the Insurance Services Office makes to standard insurance contracts.     They explain what “triggers” coverage in policy language, and what doesn’t.   (It’s how I know which insurance carriers pay “Primary and Non-Contributory with Cargo Amendments” for the Multis…and who doesn’t.)

Over the next few weeks I’ll blog on some of the subject matter to bring everyone up to date on all kinds of things!

Warm Regards,