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Risky Business

'Tis the Season

By Shelly Benisch, CIC
Posted Dec 18th 2009 1:28PM

Hi Everyone,
It’s that time of year again... Winter Time when everyone forgets how to drive in bad weather all over again.   You’d think most of these people had never seen ice or snow before, but most of us who drive in it grew up in it.    It’s like someone dropped them off on a mysterious planet without the warning of "Gravity no longer applies to you."


We are pretty accustomed to claims coming in this time of year for everything from "slid off the road on black ice", to "I came up over the hill and there was a car stopped on ice.  I tried to stop, but hit him like a hockey puck....thankfully, he slid."  


Keep in mind; you may know how to handle your rig but most the drivers in cars and some in trucks take unnecessary risks.   If you don’t keep extra distance and caution; their risks can become your problem too...and very quickly.


But you all know this stuff...just a friendly reminder.  Be safe out there and remember it’s often fun to watch a good show,  just don’t be one of the clowns in the show.

Shelly Benisch, CIC

Commercial Insurance Solutions (CIS)



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