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Risky Business

The Phantom Claim

By Shelly Benisch, CIC
Posted Dec 12th 2009 1:12PM

The Phantom Claim


Hi Everyone, Well, The Phantom caused the damage...and it’s not funny when it happens to you.


You’re in the truck stop, restroom, or sometimes even while you're bunked away for the night and someone nails your parked unit.


The Phantom hits day or night.  Everything from a simple, "I think someone backed into my unit", to the “We were in the sleeper on a windy rough night in TexArkansas truck stop and woke up in the morning wondering what happened to our exterior mirror?" or "I came outside and someone or thing scraped off the whole side of my new straight truck!”


These things happen more than they should and way too often the son of a gun (xxxxxx) just takes off.   Now you have a claim on your insurance, which is bad enough but what’s your deductible? $500, $1,000 or more? You're out of pocket some dough all because of another guy's negligence.


A few tips to remember:  Find a defensive parking location because if you park too tight to begin with things are bound to happen.   Park within view of a video surveillance camera ) ...many locations now have them and it's also safer for you, yourself, to sleep. If and when damage occurs, take pictures of it in the exact spot.   A few drivers now use their phone camera to take a few pics when they see suspicious activity.


So try to remember to be safe, we can replace any truck but we can't replace you!

Shelly Benisch, CIC

Commercial Insurance Solutions, Inc.  (CIS)



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