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Risky Business

The "Multi Motor Carrier" discussion

By Shelly Benisch, CIC w/ CIS
Posted Aug 31st 2010 4:57AM


Hi Everyone,

Much discussion these days on Exclusive Contracts between Owner Operators and Motor Carriers versus Multi Carrier Contracts.

The relationship between the Motor Carrier and the Owner Operator as an "Independent Contractor" is the standard in the Expediting Industry.  There are very few "Employee Drivers" in Expediting.

The Great Recession has been a period with calls of desperation from many Owner Operators.  Independent Owner Operators struggling to stay afloat while experiencing long waiting periods between loads have gravitated towards non-exclusive contract Motor Carriers as a way to gain more control and freedom for their businesses.  It's been somewhat of the "tea party" effect in a trucker version.  Thankfully, the recent increase in loads and rates has reduced some of the anxiety.

Expediting is a Pro-Active industry by nature.  There are still many great opportunities with the Traditional, or Exclusive relationship for Owner Operators and their Motor Carrier of choice. 

There are also great new opportunities for Owner Operators to haul for more than one Motor Carrier, with a number of Motor Carriers actively encouraging this format or others unveiling their own non-exclusive inhouse alternative we call a "dual identity approach".

It depends on you, the Independent Owner Operator to ask questions, do your research, review your options and choose the path that works for you.

Be sure to read your contract regarding your mutual expectations and responsibilities.  And bottom line, if you've shaken hands and given your word on an Exclusive contract, then honor it....and let's get back to moving our Expediting Community forward!

Shelly Benisch, CIC w/ CIS      866.864.1511


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