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Risky Business

New Year's Resolutions

By Shelly Benisch, CIC
Posted Dec 28th 2009 1:54PM

Hi Everyone,


Some people see resolutions like promises...made to be broken but not intentional!   How did your resolutions go in 2009?   Don’t feel bad, most people don’t even bother with resolutions anymore.   Let's face it, just staying afloat was a resolution kept this past year for which we should all be proud. 


We’re glad you made it and let’s hope this year is kinder to all our bottom lines.   A way to start the New Year on a positive note is with a plan.  Forget the resolution talk. Make a plan or a roadmap to follow for your business. Review what worked last year and what didn’t.   Remember what they call the person who does the same thing every time yet expects a different result?


Know your expenses and write them down.  Then keep a daily track, and trim a little here and a bit over there.   You don’t need to be an accountant to understand the principal of profit or loss.    You’re the boss, the independent contractor owner operator and the buck stops with you.


So live long and prosper, have a Happy New Year!  I say we all move on to 2010!

Shelly Benisch, CIC

Commercial Insurance Solutions (CIS)







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