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Risky Business

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More Big League News from CIS!

By Shelly Benisch
Posted Mar 22nd 2017 10:19AM

Perhaps this is just the start of what the Trump Bump looks like;

The freedom of more choices and more opportunities.

For years there have been challenges finding more true truck insurance providers for our community…


Now all in the same month, Acuity and National General are partnering with CIS to offer better insurance choices for our I.C. Owner Operators and Motor Carriers.

What changed?  I think it’s pretty simple.  Insurance providers open more markets when they're more confident in the future.  They're essentially now betting on you to succeed.

I blogged about our new Acuity partnership last week, and we are indeed loving them.  What a delightful and professional insurance provider!

Now we’ve also partnered with National General because they’re in the process of expanding their product lines to offer some very attractive packages on everything from NTL for cargo vans to true truck insurance that fits very nicely into what so many Motor Carriers and Owner Ops need today.

To be clear, CIS still offers Progressive as an option.  In some cases they're second to none when it’s a risk that fits perfectly within their new guidelines.  But I have to say I think "NatGen" may surprise everyone by coming in as a true contender for part of the truck insurance market for Owner Ops and small Motor Carriers because their processes are so similar.  

From what I can see, NatGen has reproduced the old Progressive model but added discounts, perks and some very clever additions to their coverage and IT platform.  In fact, it has me wondering if they poached some Peeps:)

Bottom line, more true truck insurance competition for our community is healthy. 

All transportation economic conditions are pointing to a stronger 2017, and I do believe better times are ahead folks!

Shelly Benisch, CIC, TRS

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1 Comment

  • teamcaffee - April 22, 2017
    Shelly when it comes time to renew our insurance I will be excited to have choices!

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