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Risky Business

How to plan to succeed in Expediting

By Shelly Benisch, CIC with Commercial Insurance Solutions (C.I.S.)
Posted Jul 18th 2010 10:04AM

Hi Everyone,          

Today I thought I'd write about how to "Plan to Succeed".   The key to success in any business may not be simple but there are a few things most successful business owners will agree…Make a plan and plan to work…and a lot.     In order to make a good plan you will need to do your homework.   Get all the information you can and from as many reputable sources as possible.   The more you know, the better prepared you will be to meet the unique challenges in our industry.  

For Expediters, the best place to get this info is at the Expediter Expo 2010 in Wilmington, Ohio.     All of the Expediting Motor Carriers, truck dealers and vendors you will need to start or take your expediting business to the next level are in one place at one time.  

The complete focus of the event is for you to start or rekindle relationships that develop into networking which is paramount for small business growth.    Great seminars and exhibits kick off discussions and address questions one on one.    That’s the kind of advantage you just don’t get from a website or brochure.

Come see us at the Expo in booth # 133 in the center of the convention hall...we can discuss your Expediting insurance and help you network with other people at the show.   

At the end of the day Friday, be sure to join us for the CIS Casino Night at 7:00.   It’s fun, prizes, and a way to continue developing relationships with new friends.    See you July 23rd & 24th!     Shelly Benisch, CIC   Commercial Insurance Solutions (C.I.S.)


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