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Risky Business

CIS Mohawk Coach Corey and Shelly
CIS Mohawk Coach Corey and Shelly

CIS says GO OUTSIDE and PLAY Little Mohawks!

By Shelly Benisch
Posted Sep 1st 2017 10:57AM

Introducing the Mohawks! CIS is proud to sponsor our first (adorable) baseball team for the 2017 Fall Ball season through the Northeast Ohio Youth Baseball League.

They are truly a great group of boys with a wonderful team of coaching, and we're proud to be a part of it.  

Mom says she's just happy to see kids outside playing:)  

...and Mom is on to something...

Kids spend half the amount of time playing outdoors than we did and are using that time staring at various types of screens.

If every small business owner could sponsor a local sports team, it encourages kids to establish an active outdoor lifestyle.

Check out "Live Smart" at Team Run Smart for more ideas of how to stay fit while you're out there working hard as professional truck drivers.

Lets wish these boys good luck! Who knows, maybe some of these fine young men have futures as healthy, professional Owner Operators one day?

John, Shelly & Mom high five our Mohawks:

 CIS John Benisch high fives Mohawks

Coach Corey with assistants Jay and Cody work with their Mohawks

Game well played everyone:

Serious Game Faces on:

Mohawk about to hit a home run:

Shelly with the incredibly talented and patient, Head Coach Corey:

Shelly Benisch, TRS CIC

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