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Risky Business

CIS and Acuity

CIS Big League News!

By Shelly Benisch
Posted Mar 14th 2017 1:26PM

CIS and Acuity Insurance have partnered to provide new insurance solutions for our community.

John, C.C. and I just returned from their headquarters in Sheboygan, WI to learn more about their impressive transportation division.  Acuity is a solid A+ rated company in business since 1925 with over $3.6 Billion in Assets.  They have a 96% customer claims satisfaction and are ranked one of the top 10 large companies to work for in the U.S. by Fortune Magazine.

They are offering us a unique full suite of insurance options for Motor Carriers and Owner Ops that are quite attractive. They also have a refreshing and inspirational “can do” attitude that I just love, so you can imagine I’m one Happy Camper. :)

Acuity is also a prolific producer of interesting truck industry tidbits that I look forward to sharing with you as news we can all use.

For now, check out just one of the reasons I'm so fond of this company already.  They love America as much as we all do:

Acuity Flagpole - World's Tallest Symbol of Freedom


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