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Risky Business

And He is Off!

By Shelly Benisch, CIC Commercial Insurance Solutions or "CIS"
Posted Aug 9th 2011 4:31AM

CIS_Logo_50_percent_of_size_3.jpg  Well...he's off!  Most of you know my husband, John...he left this morning for a roadtrip to Michigan to visit some of the Expediting Motor Carriers we work with up there.

If you were at the Expo, you saw a Sprinter with our CIS Logo that John customized and detailed.  We'll use that Sprinter now to replace the prior trade show booth that required a great deal of assembly, breakdown and STORAGE!  Now everything for a trade show can be stored inside the Sprinter itself...which I love.  We'll set up at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville March 22nd - be sure to plan on a visit if you're attending that event. 

So after weeks of evenings and weekends working on the Sprinter, short of John BEING an Expediter...we needed to find some OTHER use for it than 2 trade shows a year!

The result is that this morning he left bright and early for his "CIS Sprinter Tour" as we've dubbed it.  Progressive is great about giving us freebies to bring everyone.

We had 1 "Flo bobblehead" left from the handful that were given to us...who knew they'd make so few, driving up her value?

John is traveling with "Flo" on the dashboard of the CIS Sprinter, so she can see the sites and amuse our client base.

....If you see him on the road, be sure to give a honk and a wave!

Shelly Benisch, CIC         Commercial Insurance Solutions or "CIS"


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