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Looking Both Ways

The Professional Driver Resume

The Professional Driver Resume

By John Mueller
Posted Jun 19th 2015 3:02PM

The Professional Driver Resume

This post of Looking Both Ways addresses advantages of resume building for the professional driver. Drivers need a resume – are you serious? Very serious. The information contained in a well written professional driver resume can supply information for the required Carrier employment application. The DOT mandates that the application for employment completed by a driver (for the DOT Driver Qualification file) and be made on a form furnished by the motor carrier. The resume cannot be accepted by the motor carrier in lieu of the application because of this rule. Resumes can be useful tools for completing the required application because you can make your resume contain most of the required application information. Accurate resume information can also help you address future discrepancies in reports on your driving history information with reporting services like DAC or PSP. A resume and possibly a cover letter will also help you make a great first impression. These impressions can be made when applying to drive for a fleet owner, lease on or drive for a motor carrier or even applying for a business bank loan or to a lease-purchase company to finance a truck.

Building your resume should not be difficult. Check out the fictional resume of Iamma Driver at the end of this blog. He won't mind a bit if you use his resume to help make yours.

Begin with your name and contact information including your address, phone number and email address. Potential employers need this information to contact you. Consider listing all addresses at which you resided during the preceding three years as this information will be required on the DOT driver application.

Define your objective or goals. Give details the type of job you are looking for (local, regional, Over-the-road, reefer, dry van, expedite or dedicated, etc.) Be realistic with what you want and work that you are actually willing to do. Keep in mind that limitations or restrictions you place on the job will most likely limit what you can reasonably expect in return. This enables prospective motor carriers to see if you are a good fit for their company. There is no sense in doing business where the parties do not meet the other's expectations.

Next tell of your experience in the operation of different motor vehicles, including the type of equipment (such as buses, straight trucks, semi-tractors and trailers) and list the approximate years of experience and approximate number of miles you have driven each type.

Show the complete inventory of all licenses and endorsements you have held by each issuing State, each State license number, and expiration date of each commercial motor vehicle operator's license or permit that has been issued to you.

Include a statement detailing the facts and circumstances of any denial, revocation, or suspension of any license, permit, or privilege to operate a motor vehicle, or a statement that no such denial, revocation, or suspension has ever occurred to you. Go on to account for all violations of motor vehicle laws or ordinances (other than violations involving only parking) which you were convicted or forfeited bond or collateral during the last 3 years. Squeeze in the last of any negatives by providing a list of all motor vehicle accidents in which you were involved during the last 3 years with the date and nature of each accident and any fatalities or personal injuries it caused. Be honest. You will end your resume with positive highlights that will spark the interest of prospective employers.

Provide employment history. DOT requires drivers to report a 10 year employment history on applications so list at minimum ten years on your resume if applicable. Maintaining and updating your resume each time your duty status changes (job changes in this case) will help you keep your employment history in order and accurate for completion of an application. Carriers can deny your application if you provide inaccurate employment information on your application. For each employer or motor carrier you drove or leased onto, list that company's name, address, phone, and MC Number or DOT Number. Showing the MC and/or DOT number makes it clear which company you operated for and can also help when discrepancies arise on your PSP or DAC report. Provide the month and year in which you started, and the month and year when you left. You will need to provide the reason you left each employer on the DOT application. Listing the reason you left the Motor Carrier on the resume in a simple manner will assist when completing a DOT employment application later. State if the position was subject to the FMCSRs while employed by that previous employer, and also if your job was designated as a safety sensitive function in any DOT regulated mode subject to alcohol and controlled substances testing requirements as required by 49 CFR part 40. Account for any and all gaps in your employment longer than 30 days. Be prepared to provide unemployment records, records of disability payments received or any other documents that may help verify a period of unemployment. Retain copies of these documents with your resume for possible future use. You may choose to record starting and ending pay at each motor carrier.

The employment section of your resume allows you to communicate your level of experience, expertise and special skills you possess.

Follow up the employment history by detailing your training and education history. If you attended a driving school perhaps list that first and also add any special driver training classes or certificates awarded to you for driving. Proceed to any college education you may have, then High School. Information on grade school may not be necessary.

Now is the time to put in print interests and hobbies you have. This gives prospective employers a little glimpse into your personal life and what you value.

Finish up the resume by listing awards you have received, your accomplishments and perhaps any professional memberships you have.

Do a little research on the motor carrier you wish to drive for. Most carriers have websites where you can learn about the company. It is important that you know that the company is a good fit for you prior to applying for a position. Your conversation with recruiters should be used for obtaining information to provide clarity to your knowledge of the workings of the company. Understand the corporate culture of the company and determine if you would be comfortable working in that culture.

A resume may help you get the job you want at the pay you deserve. A resume can help in any professional driver's career even if the only person that reads it is you.

Disclaimer: This blog is NOT intended to give legal advice, nor be a substitute for any training required by the Regulations.

Till the next blog, Thank you drivers for all you do!. Please be safe!

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John Mueller, CDS, COSS


Iamma Heckuvva Driver
2222 Boogie Boogie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37401

Previous address (12/2013-11/2014):
1234 Main Street
Driverville, OH 43614

Professional Class A CDL company driver looking to now operate an expedite straight truck as an owner operator. I wish to run the regional Midwest and be home on the weekends or willing to run for five consecutive days followed by two days off on occasion. The truck I am seeking to purchase is a 2014 Freightliner FL-70 with a 22' box and liftgate. This truck has GVW of 46,000 pounds and can haul 22,000 pounds up to 10 pallets.

I began driving straight dump trucks 22 years ago and progressed into semi-tractor driving after five years. Since that time I have hauled 48' and 53' dry vans, 48' flatbed and also 53' tanker trailers. I have driven in 48 states and some Canada.

Straight Truck 2003 to 2008 500,000 miles OH, MI and IN
Semi-tractor 2008 to Present 1,750,000 miles 48 State and Canada

Licenses and Endorsements Held:
Tennessee Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat Endorsements
License number: 0000-1111-2222
Expires: 10-10-2020

Ohio Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat Endorsements (Originally issued as Class B)
License number: CD0001122
Expired/Cancelled: 11/2014

Neither of the above licenses have ever been cancelled, suspended or revoked. I had one speeding ticket 38 years ago when I was 16 in a personal automobile. I was involved in a Not-at-fault accident on November 22, 2014 at the T/A truck stop on I-40 in Knoxville TN when another truck struck my rig while I was parked and sleeping. There were no injuries and the damage to my truck was less than $500. Police did not issue any report or citations.

Employment History:

November 2010 to Present:
McCord Trucking
1222 Lawrence Avenue
Florence, TN 11122
DOT Safety sensitive position subject to Alcohol and Controlled Substance testing.
Reason leaving: To become an owner operator.

July 2010 to November 2010:
Unemployed – disability due to skate board accident. See attached copies of medical records and copies of cancelled checks of disability insurance payments received.

January 2008 to July 2010:
Channel Cat Over-dimensional Transportation
5555 Flathead Lake Rd
Bottomfeeder, TN 11123
US DOT# 0000777
DOT Safety sensitive position subject to Alcohol and Controlled Substance testing.
Reason Left: To explore opportunities in Expedited trucking at McCord Trucking

January 2003 to January 2008:
Brandon's Dump Truck Company
88888 Quarry Rd
Dry Bed, OH 99999
MC# 987654321
DOT Safety sensitive position subject to Alcohol and Controlled Substance testing.
Reason left: Obtained CDL A to drive semi-tractors over the road.

May 1995 to January 2003:
The Bigbox Appliance Store
365 Washer Avenue
Stove, OH 99911
Private carrier – No MC or DOT number required at time.
Not subject to DOT regulations.
Reason left: CDL B driving opportunity with dump trucks.

Education and Training:
October 2002 to January 2003
Swifty Truck Driving School
88441133 Walmartin Dr
Kmart, CA 22222
Obtained Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat Endorsement
JJ Fuller Transportation Company of Seminars
22255 Messo Perch Lane
Walleye, KY 33377
Attended 4 separate two-day seminars in Hazardous Materials Training for Drivers and Load Securement Techniques. Have two certificates of completion for each.

August 1977 to June 1981
Poolville Texas University
#1 Jerry Hayes Rd
Poolville, TX 22113
Bachelor's Degree in Truck Magazine Media and Advertising

August 1973 to May 1977
Smalltown Highschool
12 Midnight Parking Rd
Smalltown, OH 99933
Received High school diploma

Interests and Hobbies:
I enjoy restoring old semi-trucks into working and rolling works of art; Trucker Buddy International and blogging for various websites. I am also active in my church and other charitable organizations. I like riding motorcycles and spending time with my wife.

Special Awards, Achievements and Memberships:
ATA Safe Driver of the Year 2013
Ohio Trucking and Transportation Professionals Association Driver of the Tear 2014
Driver of the Month 23 times at the various companies I have worked for.
Citizen of the Year – Poolville, Texas – 1982
Winner Smalltown Truck Association Scholarship 1977
Graduated highest GPA (4.0) in my class at Swifty Truck Driving School
I belong to Trucker Buddy International, OOIDA and TEANA


  • teamcaffee - June 24, 2015
    John I remember when we first got into trucking I prepared a resume for Bob and I and handed that to the recruiters. The look of amazement on their faces was comical and worth the work I put into creating the resume.
  • johnmueller - June 24, 2015
    Linda and Bob - I am always very impressed when a driver presents a resume. The resume is the first step establishing that person as a professional driver.

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