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Looking Both Ways


Ideas for Advancing Your Career Through Training

By John Mueller, CDS
Posted Dec 12th 2017 1:55PM

This post of Looking Both Ways takes a look at methods of obtaining ongoing training.  Participating in ongoing training is a must for a professional in any industry to advance.  Many opportunities exist to enhance your knowledge and skills – each perhaps giving you an edge over your peers.  Following are ideas to advance your training and earning power.

Every driver orientation you participate in is ongoing training.  *Please do not switch carriers just to attend additional orientation sessions.  It’s not worth a free breakfast and lunch either.

Training provided to you at company meetings.  Yes, the carrier you drive for probably invests many resources (time and money) into quality materials and presentations for their driver meetings.

Remedial training provided by your company on their website.

Reading industry journals and magazines – examples: Expedite Now! And National Truckin’ Magazine

Reading and participating in Online forums and websites.

Reading online blogs.

Attending seminars and workshops.

Attending industry events.

Participating in online webinars presented by third parties.

Subscribing to regulatory news services.

Joining and actively participating in Industry Associations.

Networking with other transportation professionals.


Women in Trucking

Trucking school remedial training.

Skid pad training

Certification training in other areas of trucking – like accident reconstruction in safety

Use of simulators

Job rotation

Many avenues exist to gain additional training.  Many are at no charge. Match the training method to your situation.  Do you do get more out of online seminars or classroom.  Do you enjoy reading or being lectured?  Are you easily self-taught?  Ask others their opinion with topics, reading, seminars and workshops you are interested in.

Successful people are always striving to further their knowledge.  Successful people are also willing to share their knowledge and also network with others.