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Looking Both Ways

800 lb Gorilla

Drivers - Please Help Fight The 800lb. Gorilla

By John Mueller CDS, COSS
Posted Oct 8th 2015 3:10PM

Drivers – I need your help to help us ALL with two minutes of your time.

This post of Looking Both Ways finds a longtime driver advocate seeking the assistance of all of the drivers in our industry.  Help me promote HR 3093 which will do three things:

1 Require publication of crash data only if the agency can accurately determine preventability.

2. Prevent misuse and misinterpretation of data released by the FMCSA by (a) requiring the agency SMS data for internal use only; and (b) requiring the agency not to release scores to the public.

3. Importantly, the Bill provides that the agency shall only make public a carrier's ultimate safety fitness determination in accordance with existing law.  This means that the public can rely upon the preemptive effect of existing law and that SMS methodology cannot be used to support state law causes of action.

The crashes drivers have and the violations discovered in your roadside inspections all count against the carrier you haul for and ultimately yourself and fellow drivers.

I'm not going to ramble on, I'm just asking you to do a simple thing to help change some of the crazy stuff our government is putting on the trucking industry.   Honestly this takes less than two (2) minutes to do.

  • Please log onto
  • Please click on the "TAP.3093 Senate" tab and fill in your information and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom.
  • Now please click on the "TAP.3093 Congress" tab and fill in your information (it may populate automatically) and click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

The site uses your zipcode to send support letters automatically to your political representatives in your districts.  Painless and took less than a couple of minutes and the best part – your voice was heard! 

Please share this with other drivers and the folks that work at your carrier companies.


Disclaimer: This blog is NOT intended to give legal advice, nor be a substitute for any training required by the Regulations.

Till the next blog, Thank you drivers for all you do!. Please be safe!

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John Mueller, CDS, COSS


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