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It's a Team's Life

What Next?

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jun 5th 2020 6:36AM

When we left home in March, we were worried and a little scared of what we would encounter.

Questions in our minds: would we get sick? Would we run into people who terrified? Would there be any freight? After we picked up a load, would the receiver be open?  Would we get stuck in a state and not allowed to leave due to quarantines?

Now it is June, and we have not gotten sick, we have not run into terrified people, we have had plenty of freight, have found all receivers to be open, and not been stuck in any state.

Overall not too much has changed.

We now see a lot of people in masks; at a couple of places, we have had our temperature taken and answered a few questions.

We have been running pretty hard and have put off going home till the freight slows some.  The time has flown by, and we will go home in June as we have been out long enough.

Riots have now broken out, and we are concerned once again.  Questions in our minds: Will we get stopped? Will the terrorists try to steal our freight? Will we be able to run safely after dark?  Should we throw in the towel and go home?

We are a week into the riots and have been all over the west coast during the daylight hours and have had no trouble.  There have been a few banners on the overpasses, but that is the extent of what we have witnessed.  Greg Huggins, fellow blog writer, has seen the aftermath of destruction in Sacramento and the hordes of people cleaning up the mess left behind. I find it ironic that this cleanup by people is not in the news as this sounds like a very diverse group with one goal; clean up the mess.

Our phones are getting emergency messages about the curfews, but we have been able to be away from the cities and shut down way before that time.  We have talked with other drivers about what to do if we get trapped in a shutdown, and I do not think any of us know what we would do till we are in that situation. 

We will continue to go about our job and to keep a vigilant eye out for anything going on around us that is abnormal.  Does anyone have any ideas of how we will end 2020?

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005

[email protected]


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